Simply Katie

Hello! Welcome to my blog, What Katie Does.

I’m a student at Exeter University, studying English Literature and Spanish, who loves all things food and fitness.

I began to explore a plant-based diet when I was about 16, and quickly discovered my passion for food, and with that healthy living. Finding a way to eat that made me feel good was so important to me, helping me to clear my skin through the right foods, rediscover my energy, and begin to think beyond just myself when it came to diet. A plant-based lifestyle goes beyond just yourself; its about finding a way to live that will help and respect our planet too.

Here you will find all my delicious, healthy recipes which will nourish your body, while also saving our precious planet.

Join me on my travels this year too as I head off on my Year Abroad to Latin America.

Thank you for stopping by, take a look around and share in my love of food, fitness, and all things plant!

Let’s build something together.

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