Buenos Aires is a city made up of different cultures from across the world. Every new street tells a different story, from brightly colored houses in the birth place of tango, to trendy bars emitting smooth jazz and sultry tango tunes in Palermo Soho. There is something for everyone in this city.

The city is divided into different areas, all of which are very different to each other.

Palermo – This area is full of coffee shops, boutique galleries, and fashionable bars and restaurants. It’s a great area to wander around and enjoy the atmosphere, take a break in one of the cafes, or chill out in the one of the little parks.

Recoleta – Recoleta is the residencial area of Buenos Aires, and it feels a lot like the winding streets of Italy with some impressive European architecture; the cobbled streets are decorated with beautiful flowers and lined with balconies.

San Telmo – San Telmo is considered the historical part of Buenos Aires as it is where the Presidential Palace, the Casa Rosada, and the famous Plaza de Mayo are found. It is also famous for the flea market that happens every Sunday morning which is full of handmade trinkets and crafts.

San Telmo market

La Boca – The home of tango. La Boca district is the true heart of Buenos Aires as it is where the city was first built. El caminito is the tourist hub, with brightly coloured houses and tango dancers everywhere.

La Casa Rosada – The “Pink House” is the Presidential palace, situated in the famous Plaza de Mayo where the mothers of the “disappeared” go to protest every Thursday. This ritual has happened every Thursday since the end of the dictatorship, as the mothers of Argentina are still waiting to know what happened to their missing children.

Obelisco – Standing on Avenida 5 de Mayo, which is apparently the widest road in Latin America, the Obelisk is an impressive sight. Also on the Avenida are the famous paintings of Evita, the ex-first lady. On one side of the building Evita is smiling as she looks towards La Boca and the working class area of the city, while on the opposite side she is pictured shouting, criticising the wealthy and petitioning for greater equality between rich and poor.

Teatro Colon – This impressive theatre is well worth a visit. If you have the time, take a guided tour and marvel at the stunning architecture and interior of the theatre!

El Ateneo Gran Splendid – Previously a theatre, the Gran Ateneo is now bookshop where you can peruse literature while enjoying the impressive interior of the building.

Museums – Buenos Aires also offers an array of different museums if you wish to learn more about the culture and the city. From the Bellas Artes Museum, to the History museum and Stargazing museum, there is something for everyone.

Parks – Perhaps one of the best things about the city of Buenos Aires is the amount of green space and parks there are. In the Recoleta district you will find multiple parks which a great for walking, running, and cycling. Take a stroll around the park, find a nice spot to sit with your book, and maybe even go peddle-boating on the lake!

As a vegan, I was a little apprehensive about the food scene in a city that is famous for its steak. However, Buenos Aires has one of the best vegan/veggie food scenes I have encountered in a while.

Casa Munay – This has to be favourite place of the whole trip, mainly because they offered a gluten-free, vegan, muffin which was divine. The entire menu sounded amazing, and everything I ate was wonderful.

Bio – Tucked away in Palermo Soho, this little restaurant prides itself on offering an almost entirely organic, vegetarian menu. While a little on the expensive side, they offered a range of different food from salads to curry to amazing deserts.

Artemisia – Also in Palermo Soho, Artemisia is the perfect lunch spot. Their might salads are packed full with nourishing goodness, and their handmade bread is the talk of the town – literally.

Buenos Aires Verde – Possibly offering the best vegan (and non-vegan!) brunch options in Buenos Aires, BA Verde is a must when visiting the city; smoothie bowls, chia pudding, avocado on toast, juice, smoothies, coffees, and much more. But be prepared, they get very busy!

Rapanui – The most famous ice cream in Buenos Aires. Originating from Argentinian Patagonia, they offer a huge range of flavours, including a number of vegan one too. The perfect afternoon stop to rest your feet and take a break from the heat.

If you have the opportunity to visit Buenos Aires, be sure to check out these spots. It is a beautiful city with so much culture and life!

Published by whatkatiedoes98

English Literature and Spanish student. Future Kate Adie, reporting from the front-line of life. Plant-based, athlete and food enthusiast

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