Hello friends,
If you can believe it, it’s been 3 months since I arrived in Santiago and started working at Magma Partners. In the past 12 weeks I have learnt more about Bitcoin than I thought possible (I have to admit I didn’t know it existed before), have written articles about almost every online banking company in Latin America, and, of course, greatly improved my Chilean slang, chachai?

When I was first offered the placement with Magma Partners I was a little unsure about whether or not to take it as it was in an industry so outside of my comfort zone. Sure, I would be writing articles and translating from Spanish, but I knew very little about tech or Venture Capital. 12 weeks later and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with this company. It has given me a chance to explore other career options that are open to me using the skills I have, as well as develop new ones and learning such a lot in the process. Perhaps one of the reasons I have enjoyed this placement so much is because of the constant challenges I have faced in learning about something new. Overall, it has been a really valuable and fun experience – I never thought I’d say that about an office job!

Here are some of my highlights:
1) The office views
Being trapped in an office all day is not that fun, but the Magma Partners office has a stunning view of Santiago and the surrounding landscapes, which made it much more bearable. From our office you could see the edge of the Andes mountains and the Cajon del Maipo, a natural park which to the South-East of the city. Frustratingly, the office seemed to be inhabited by vampires who like to avoid sunlight until 3pm, but I was annoyingly keen to open the blinds at every opportunity and work with those stunning views in front of me.

2) The office dogs
Mondays became a lot more fun with the weekly visit from Cookie, the puppy of one of the people in the Founderlist office. There was also a day when two others brought in their dogs as well as one person who was looking after their niece, and the office was suddenly over-run by over-excited small creatures.

3) The banter
I felt that I fully became a part of the Magma team when the banter began. Some of you may know that I have a wonderful talent for miss-pronouncing names or just using the wrong, although very similar, word (and I claim to be an English student…). Well this didn’t change in Chile, and there was an abundance of curious cities and strange surnames to pronounce and spell while writing articles for LatAm List…

4) The adventures
You wouldn’t think that adventures were possible when working in an office, but you would be wrong. I went to interview the founder of one of our portfolio companies for a Q&A and had quite an exciting time trying to get there. Firstly, I went down the metro the wrong way, and then I got off a stop too late because google maps directed me to some back-end residential area instead of the office building. When I eventually found the correct building I then spent 20 minutes riding the very complicated elevator system to find my way to the right floor. All this for what ended up being a very short interview with the founder – he may have been slightly unimpressed with my tardiness, it seems

5) The people
Perhaps most important were the other people in the office. The office is a co-working space, although owned by Magma, and so the other companies working here are all in the Magma portfolio. Everyone I met was so lovely, welcoming and friendly. From lunchtime chats to work BBQs, these people were so much fun and a delight to talk to. Without a doubt, an office or a job is made all the more enjoyable when there are kind, fun, and friendly people to do it with. I hope that we will stay in contact for a long time!

Although my time interning with Magma has come to an end, I still hope to be working with them as I will continue to write articles for LatAm List in a more professional capacity. This week I am off to Buenos Aires for a visa run, and then I’m back to Santiago to start my second internship with a newspaper, Chile Today. I am looking forward to starting this next chapter and see what else I will learn on the way!

Hasta pronto,

Katie xx

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English Literature and Spanish student. Future Kate Adie, reporting from the front-line of life. Plant-based, athlete and food enthusiast

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