Dearest readers,
Long time no write/read! Sorry for my absence from the blog-o-sphere. In truth I have been quite busy doing fabulous and exciting Spanish things, all of which I will now tell you about 😊

At the beginning of March I went to Madrid with 3 of my au pair friends. We had the most amazing time, and more importantly, the most amazing luck – with the weather, with our hostel, with the train…. Firstly, 3 of us had somehow managed to buy a 1st class ticket without realising it. The 4th hadn’t, but had payed the same price (very odd). The train people were so lovely and allowed us to all sit together in 1st class. We were then treated to the most amazing ‘merienda’ I have ever had; sandwiches, biscuits, fruit, chocolate, unlimited tea or coffee, and to finish it all of a lovely lemon-scented wipe to clean your hands afterwards! Arriving at the hostel, we were pleasantly suprised (EVERYTHING is better in Europe, especially things like public transport and hostels!), and the only slightly awkward moment was when two middle-aged Russian men came into the room at 2am and turned the light on for about half an hour, and then proceeded to snore the entire night….. We pretty much managed to do all of Madrid in one weekend. We visited the Palace, went to Parque del Retiro, Parque del Oeste, Gran Via, Puente de Sol, El Rastro (a market), and just walked around a lot enjoying the city. We also found a wonderful tea shop which almost put Whittard’s to shame, but perhaps the best part was our 10pm ice cream stop!

Late-night ice cream stop!

I have been working a lot of Saturday evenings this month as the parents have had various weddings and baptisms (which apparently you don’t take your children to in Spain!), so I have been spending a lot of time with the boys. We made biscuits one week, and last week we spent the afternoon running around Parque de Maria Luisa in the glorious sunshine, eating ice cream and playing football. Last week we also made the most fabulous chocolate cake for a competition at Agu’s school. We don’t know who won yet, but they were selling the cakes to raise money and we almost didn’t get a piece of our own as so many people wanted to buy it – a job well done I think! It has been fun, but also hard work, and I am definitely looking forward to a mini holiday when my parents visit next week and I am free from child duties.

Agu and the Lion Cake

In other news, I am getting better at Flamenco every week, although the first time we tried putting the arms together with the feet I forgot all the steps. It is also surprisingly hard work on the shoulders having to keep your arms up all the time. Marta managed to find an old dress of hers that will fit me, so once we have found a shawl and a flower I will be all set for Feria! There will be photos….The dresses are ridiculously heavy though, so I don’t know if I will even be able to show off what I have learnt as the dress will weigh me down. And I dread to think of how hot it is going to be! This past week the weather has been simply glorious with spotless blue skies and it reaching about 26 degrees in the afternoon. I am taking advantage of this and sunbathing most afternoons while I do my Spanish work in preparation for the DELE exam I am sitting in May. It’s only 6 weeks away now, so I am revising quite a lot, but it doesn’t bother me when I can do it in the sunshine!
Apart from that, everything continues as usual. It doesn’t really feel like Easter to me as it’s so hot. I feel like I went straight from Winter to Summer and missed out on Spring. However, this Sunday (Palm Sunday) starts the paseos for Semana Santa and my parents arrive on Monday to stay for the week. I am intrigued to see how it all plays out, and I will definitely let you all know in my next blog post!
I can’t believe I now have less than 3 months left here! Time has gone so quickly.
Katie xxx

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