Is it Christmas yet?

This week has undoubtedly been the best so far in Seville! Despite the fact I am nursing a black-eye thanks to Luisette (an incident involving a plastic horse and an over-excited toddler), everything about my new family is wonderful! It has been a very busy week though and it feels like I have had to learn everything all over again – where the school is, where the nearest shops are, etc, as it is a different area of Seville. That being said, I have only got lost once, although it did involve me cycling around in circles for about 20 minutes…
As my dedicated readers have already realised, I am quite good at bribing children to like me through various methods which usually always involve food of some kind. Not wanting to disappoint, I decided it would be great fun to make a homemade advent calendar. This was something I was originally planning to do with the girls, so I have been collecting yoghurt pots for a while. Of course, it was going to be a little more difficult with a 4yr old instead of a 9 and 13yr old, but I was still hopeful it would work! Therefore, alongside my 2 suitcases which were almost bursting open, I also had a bag full of yoghurt pots to transfer to my new home. It was rather amusing to try and explain what they were for to Augusto (the father) when he came to pick me up! Marta and Augusto have told Agu that I can only speak English and don’t know any Spanish, and so it was therefore quite difficult to explain that concept of the advent calendar to him. However, with the help of some translating by Marta I think he got the idea. He was quite enthusiastic in choosing stickers to put on the pots and enjoyed colouring the numbers in too. We just managed to finish colouring the pots on Wednesday afternoon and I then spent the evening attempting to attach them all together and hang them up so that they wouldn’t keep falling down (not very successful!). However, the finished product is rather fabulous, though I do say so myself! On Thursday morning, the first thing Agu did was to go and get present number 1 and he was very, very excited by the chocolate coins. The advent calendar has proved to be a very effective way of getting a sleepy boy out of bed in the mornings!! And has definitely won over his affections – that and 3 hours of playing with toy animals!
This family is much more flexible than the last and they have actually encouraged me to escape a little early on a Tuesday evening in order to go to a Spanish choir in the university. After emailing the director, who was very enthusiastic, I turned up on Tuesday 20 minutes after official starting time (I got a little lost in the University). Of course, Spain being Spain, I was actually early – people were still coming in at 9:15 when the rehearsal was supposed to start at 8:30! The choir sings a mixture of music; a fair amount of the typical choral music by Bach, Motzart, Mendlessohn, etc, but also Disney! It was a surreal experience indeed to sing all the Disney tunes with Spanish words. My new favourite has to be ‘Bajo el Mar’ (guess the original….). I also discovered yet MORE Americans, and made some new Spanish friends too, so more points towards my Sevillian-ness!
Finally, the most exciting thing that has happened this week has to be the long-awaited trip to see Mamma Mia in the theatre of Triana. I and a few other au pairs had seen an advert for the show a few weeks ago and were immediately keen to go and see it. The tickets were only 10 euros – either a fabulous deal or an indication of the quality of the show, we weren’t quite sure….I am happy to say that the show was fantastic. For 10 euros it was well worth it. Yes, the singing might have been a bit off-key at times, and it wasn’t exactly a London extravaganza, but it was certainly entertaining. Not least because the whole thing was in Spanish apart from a few crucial lines of the songs which were needed to make them still rhyme. (For instance ‘Money, money, money’ – ‘Dinero, dinero, dinero’ didn’t quite fit with the rhythm!) I am unfortunately now stuck with the songs going round and round my head and am finding it difficult to resist the temptation to launch into a dramatic and emotional rendition of S.O.S. I will definitely be watching the film again when I go home for Christmas in 19 days!

On Tuesday I am flying back to England for my Oxford interview (arggh!), which involves a train ride from Gatwick to Oxford and then somehow making my way from the station to Lady Margaret Hall College. Fingers crossed that I won’t get lost, miss my flight or train, or fall into any other travelling dangers so that I actually make it to the interview! Despite being a little nervous, I am excited to be going to Oxford again as it means a chance to see my Mum and sister who are planning to pass through for some Christmas shopping, and also hopefully a catch up with a good friend who lives in Oxford. My biggest worry is that I may get frost-bite from the dramatic temperature change. You may think I am over-exaggerating, but I am a VERY cold person who tends to spend the winter wearing either a dressing gown or my onesie ON TOP OF about 4 layers of clothing already….AND STILL BE COLD (hence the choice of Seville for a gap year!).

Wish me luck!
Besos, Katie xx

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English Literature and Spanish student. Future Kate Adie, reporting from the front-line of life. Plant-based, athlete and food enthusiast

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